Video Assessment Submission for Level 1 and 2 coaching courses

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Video Assessment Submission for Level 1 and 2 coaching courses

Overview of topic

We have created supporting documents to help learners and their mentors to understand the new online assessment process and support learners through a successful assessment video submission.

Further information

Where can I find information to help me?

All guidance and supporting documents for a successful submission can be found on the learners Academy, location:

Resources> UKCC L1 Award in coaching (click relevant award) > Virtual Courses and Assessments > Assessment information > Assessment Guidance Learner and Mentors
Creating and uploading your Video Submission

It's a fact...

Video submission requirements:

• It must be one complete video for the entire assessment time. (Recordings that have been made in sections should be linked together as one video)

• The video recording must align with the time guidance indicated for each section of the skills matrix box. (This is shown next to the relevant skills to be recorded in your skills box)

• Each section must have an introduction from the learner coach at the beginning. Information on what to include can be found in the Academy >Creating and uploading your video Submission

• The session should be recorded with a moveable device to ensure learners can be seen and heard

• The learner coach must be clearly heard throughout. (Check your recording before submitting)

• The video must have the learner and the gymnasts equally visible through the recording.

Top tips

• Ensure you have used the correct naming convention: MembershipNumber_Course_Discipline

• Upload one complete video: The video may be filmed in sections, but it must be submitted as one video. Please combine the clip together, and upload as a single video file.

• Check against the How to Coach assessment criteria that you have demonstrated the quality indicators in your practical delivery.

• Ensure each skill in the Skills Matrix Box is fully supported a minimum of 2 times.

Frequently asked questions

What are my log in details to upload a video in Kaltura?

Username: membership number
Password: ddmmyyyy_XYZ (three digits are your last three digits of your postcode) Please ensure there is an underscore between DOB_postcode

I have uploaded my video; can my assessor see it?

If you have tagged your video correctly to the relevant assessment channel (as per the guidance), they will see it. Please check it isn’t showing private next to your video. This will show ‘pending’.


Level 1 assessments must be 30 minutes +- 3 mins

Level 2 assessments must be 45 minutes +- 3 mins

If your video isn’t published the assessor will not be able to access it.

If the video isn’t uploaded at the correct submission date it may result in a deferred assessment.

British Gymnastics Guidance


Any further support on your video submission please email

UKCC Level 1 and 2 Assessment Guidance

UKCC Level 1 Assessment Guidance Video